bulk1 [bulk]
[ME, heap, cargo < ON bulki, a heap, ship's cargo; prob. < IE base * bhel-: see BALL1]
1. size, mass, or volume, esp. if great
2. the main mass or body of something; largest part or portion [the bulk of one's fortune]
3. soft, bulky matter of a kind that passes through the intestines without being absorbed and aids in elimination
1. to form into a mass
2. to increase in size, importance, etc.
3. to have size or importance [to bulk large in the mind]
1. to make (something) form into a mass
2. to make bulge; stuff
3. to give greater bulk, or size, to
1. total; aggregate
2. not put up in individual packages
in bulk
1. not put up in individual packages
2. in large amounts; in great volume
SYN.- BULK1, MASS, and VOLUME all refer to a quantity of matter or collection of units forming a body or whole, BULK1 implying a body of great size, weight, or numbers [the lumbering bulk of a hippopotamus, the bulk of humanity ], MASS, an aggregate, multitude, or expanse forming a cohesive, unified, or solid body [an egg-shaped mass, a mass of color, the mass of workers ], and VOLUME, a moving or flowing mass, often of a fluctuating nature [volumes of smoke, the volume of production ]
bulk2 [bulk]
[ME balk < ON balkr, partition, wall; akin to BALK]
Archaic a projecting framework or stall built as the front of a shop

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